General Manager, Supply Chain and Logistics Business Support Lead

Rebecca Harrington

: 0414 482 073
: rebecca-harrington

Rebecca Harrington has seen it all in her 20+ years in the Recruitment industry. Entering under the Action Workforce umbrella two decades ago, Rebecca has enthusiastically offered her wealth of knowledge, passion and leadership to many she has come across – leading teams at Action Workforce and the Blackadder Recruitment Company as an experienced Senior Recruitment Consultant (with a long list of successful temporary and permanent placements both in White and Blue collar sectors), Branch and State Managers; also passing on her expertise to new ASG staff as an Internal Recruitment and Training Consultant.

Rebecca has recruited and managed many high performing teams of various sizes, with a talent for building successful teams within other businesses from the ground up. Rebecca knows what the right candidate looks like and where to find them. With Rebecca’s intimate knowledge of Client’s needs and requirements, she has also acquired a unique proficiency in the art of Business Development and Management.

Rebecca prides herself on her communication skills, her truthful transparency and immediate problem solving. Rebecca thinks outside the box, always ensuring the decisions she delivers to all parties are rational, fair and inclusive.

This all has led Rebecca to where she is today, and to you. With every challenge met, Rebecca tackles it head on; with her focus not on the finish line but beyond. With an ever-growing network of contacts, you can be confident that Rebecca and her team will turn your black and white role into vibrant colour with the perfect candidate for your organisation.